“Asif’s consistently demonstrated very strong leadership skills, and outstanding working knowledge of the retail industry, always taking the time and effort to ensure the satisfaction of the client, while showing empathy and advocacy in working with each client and their end users in trying to deliver on the requirements as outlined in the project deliverables.

“Asif with his sense of humor, calm demeanor and realistic expectations earned the well deserved respect of all staff members.”

— Paul Gill, co-founder Maple Lake

“During his time (at I saw the organization grow from an immature and non-process driven state to a mature and well-oiled machine that operated flawlessly. It was Asif’s direction that got us there.

“Asif’s greatest strength is his ability to dive into any project with an open-mind and get the job done. This ability takes a firm understanding of basic processes and systems, a leadership style to empower others to make decisions and the drive to get something across the finish line. Asif has all of those abilities and more...I know he can always ‘figure it out’.”

— RJ Cilley, Vice President, eCommerce and Business Operation Hudson’s Bay Company

“I felt him to be a team player…..Apart from being easy to work with, he was responsive to all our requests in providing analytics and successfully completed a number of projects. I highly recommend Asif for employment.”

— Gerald Bachynski, President & CEO, Comark

“I reported directly to Asif Husain. In the time that I worked for Asif I grew my skill set considerably. Asif is a great manager to work for. I learned a lot about the retail industry under Asif. I would like to someday work for him again!”

— Piera Cornelio, Merchandise Planning Manager, Nygard Intl.

“Asif has the ability to act as an intermediary between IT and Business , understanding both sides of the conversations. Asif was effective in interpreting user requirements and managing organizational change. He has a calm and steady demeanor and has always been able to keep his head when others are losing theirs.”

— Jim Webster, IT Director, Comark

“Asif is a results oriented professional, who has a passion for the retail industry. A leader who can engage and connect with others, also has a rare combination of Planning and Merchandising experience. He leads by example, stimulates enthusiasm and has a moral compass built around integrity, purpose and values. A real pleasure to work with.”

— Bob Siddiqui, Director of Planning, CMT

“Asif is high performance planning and strategy expert with a passion for retail and executive-level experience with some of North America's most recognized brands. Asif brings a collaborative approach and thoughtful perspective to the table and was an absolute pleasure to work for.”

— Darren Hallsworth MBA, CMA, Director of Supply Chain, Katz Group Canada Ltd/Rexall Pharma Plus

“Asif is a dedicated results-oriented professional and business partner. He leads with integrity by underpromising and over delivering. Asif adds value to those around him with a humble competent approach forging key relationships and the delivery of winning solutions in driving sales through expert analysis. A champion listener with an optimistic and resilient approach to any challenge or obstacle.”

— Manny Maciel, Principal, Connected 2 Inspire

“Working with Asif has been a great experience for me. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience which he constantly shares. He is able to switch from being a directive oriented manager to a very supportive manager, depending on the person/situation. Asif is the type of manager that leads by example. Regardless of the situation he has the ability to maintain calm and level head which will ensure that his team stays focused on the task at hand. If presented I would love to work with him again.”

— Andrew Narinesingh, Merchandise Planning Manager, Nygard Intl.